Date: 28th November 2006 at 10:26am
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We ask the Vital Colchester editor his views on tonight’ game and a certain Mr. Parkinson

This game is Parkinson’s return to Colchester. What sort of reception will he get?

I think Phil will get a mixed reception, he is held in high stead by most of the Colchester Fans but there are many who are unhappy with the way he left the club.

Are you surprised by our league position bearing in mind how well Parky did with yourselves last season?

I am personally surprised, I was a fan of Parky but not of his want to play 4-5-1 Especially at home, however I know for a fact that Phil works hard in all areas of the game and you can be assured that he will not be resting on his laurels in getting you up the table, have faith!

Craig Fagan will also be returning to Colchester. What sort of reception will the former striker receive?

Craig done very well for us and should get a good reception, he was a favorite in his time here at Layer Road.

What were your expectations before the season started? With the great start you have made, what are your hopes now?

My expectations remain the same as they did in August, a Mid Table position securing our place in the Championship.

Who do we have to look out for tomorrow night?

To be honest the team is playing well at home and I believe you will line up in Phil`s favorite 4-5-1 in an attempt to flood the Midfield, hopefully we will be playing Jackson and Watson in the centre and you will need to keep them both quiet. Greg Halford at Right back and Jamie Cureton along with Kevin McLeod could all cause you problems.

Who would you take from the City team to Colchester Untied?

I would like Fagan up front with Cureton, although Craig was quite Greedy whilst here!

Would you have Parky back if given the opportunity?

Sorry No! I am happier under Geriant Williams and his style of Football, don`t get me wrong Phil done wonders but Williams has taken it to a new level and I have to say I am happy with our lot!

Do you have a score prediction please?

Sorry but don`t see you winning this one and Cureton I believe will score a brace in another 3-0 win to Colchester with Jamie Guy coming on to score the 3rd!

Thanks to ED_CUFC of Vital Colchester for answering our questions. My views on tonight’s game can be seen on their site during the day.


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