Date: 18th February 2007 at 12:10pm
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We asked the Vital Barnsley editor what this match meant to a Barnsley supporter and what he had made of his teams season so far.

(1) What have you made of your season so far? Is it better or worse than you expected?

Our season so far is a bit mixed feelings really, we started off really well better than anyone expected, but I must admit, although we are down in the bottom 3 now it is still better than i personally expected, especially because we didn’t sign hardly anybody in the summer, I just hope we do enough to stay in the League 21st position will do me.

(2) Where did you realistically see yourself finishing at the start of the Championship season?

At the start of the campaign i based my thoughts on who we signed in the summer, and as people know we only signed Micheal McIndoe (who has now moved on) and Sam Togwell, and we sold Stephen McPhail so I guess realistically when the season started I was hopeful but not over confident.

(3) Do you have enough in your team to survive, or does League 1 football beckon after a year in the Championship?

Well, We have made that many changes, starting with Andy Ritchie being Sacked and that many new signings and loan signings that we should have enough in the camp to survive, we have enough individual talent but it’s a case of whether they all gel or not and having been to the last game against Colchester (3-0 Home defeat) it was that bad of a performance that League 1 Football would be too good for us, I am putting that down to a bad day at the office though. Yeah we should have enough in the camp.

(4) Have you made any recent signings, permanent or loan deals, with which to bolster your survival chances?

We have made lots of signings, Kyle Reid (Winger, West Ham) extended his loan until the end of the season, he has done ok so far. 4 other Loan signings are also at the club, Peter Rajciz (Hungarian International Striker), Adam Eckersley (Left Back, Manchester United) are on loan until the end of the season. The other 2 loan signings were made this week with Manchester United Midfielder Ritchie Jones and Derby County Welsh International Defender Lewin Nayatanga both joining until the season comes to an end. On permanent side of things, Grant McCann who was initially on loan signed proper the other month, Dwaine Matis was signed from Bury and another Hungarian International Striker Istvan Ferenczi was snapped up aswell.

As you can see, plenty of signings have been made by Simon Davey.

(5) Who do we need to be wary of when the two teams meet on Tuesday night?

If on form, Martin Devaney can be a tricky Winger to deal with, however, he has to be on form for him to hurt you guys, then there’s the obvious 1 Brian Howard, He will play either Centre Midfield or Left Wing, he isn’t the fastest of players but he can pick out an awesome pass and scores some beauty goals as we have seen already this season, he is our top goal scorer, which says a lot about our Strikers. It depends who plays against you guys really, the team swaps and changes that much.

(6) Is there a weak link in your team that we can expose?

Ha Ha, I`m not going to tell you that am I we want to win as much as you do. But in all honesty, we are down there for a reason, and it isn’t lack of goals because we can definitely score them, it’s the lack of keeping them out.

(7) If you could take one of Hull City’s players over to Barnsley, who would you choose and why?

Interesting question. Well as you are probably aware of we tried to sign Windass before he moved to you guys so he would be a good player to have. However, personally I would steal John Parkin from you, he is a Barnsley lad and can score good goals, and I was impressed with him when we played you at the KC in August. He played for our youth system and letting him go was in my opinion a mistake.

(8) Are you confident going into Tuesday night’s match? Just what does this match mean to a Barnsley supporter?

I am quietly confident about Tuesday night`s game, however, our Home record really isn’t good and after that Colchester fiasco you will hammer us if we repeat the performance. The game itself means a lot to Barnsley fans, not only ids it like a Derby game but we are on the same points in the league so it is what I would call a crucial 6 pointer. Plus having come from 2-0 down to beat you guys at the KC back in August it is a chance for our 1st double of the season, having said that though so was Colchester. It should be a great game though for both sets of supporters.

(9) If your team loses, how do you think your team will be able to respond in their bid for survival?

If we lose to Hull on Tuesday, I don’t know how we would react it would all depend on the way in which we lost really, if we play well and are unlucky then we won`t let it bother us that much, but if we deserve to get beat again then some of the players heads might go down. Hopefully though it won’t come to that.

(10) Please can we have a score prediction for Tuesday night’s game?

Score Prediction? I am waiting for the Southampton result first but I will say 2-1 Barnsley but a valiant effort from the Tigers.

The Vital Hull editorial staff would like to thanks Vital Barnsley for helping us out with this feature. Please check the Vital Barnsley site for my thoughts ahead of this huge fixture.

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  • would take Parkin??….the way he is playing they could have him..I would have thought there were far better players around for them to consider..but anyway, a good little article…lets hope we can be as good against them as southampton…

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