Date: 4th August 2006 at 3:17pm
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Come and enter Vital Hull’s latest competition

The Rules

It’s quite simple to follow…the competition was suggested by board member Tigerphil and will run throughout the season.

It’s a question every football fan asks before a game – which players will feature in this weeks game? and at Vital Hull we have used that to create our ‘Guess the team’ competition.

Firstly, you must be registered on the site…This is quick and easy to do…Just click here

Once you’ve done that (It will only take a minute) – come and find the forums on Vital Hull. The competition is taking place within the 100% forum.

Each week, I will create a thread that will remain at the top of the message-board entitled ‘Guess The Team – ‘Whoever we are playing.’ and all you have to do is enter your team below.

We all know how hard it was to guess the team under Peter Taylor – will it be easier now Phil Parkinson is in charge – you won’t know unless you have a go.

To enter, simply post a message in the thread with the team you think will play in their positions. For instance, this is my entry for the fixture tomorrow:

– How you would lay it out:


Thelwell Delaney Turner Dawson

Fagan Welsh Marney Elliott

Barmby Duffy

I have set out my players in the 4-4-2 formation – adjust that to suit which formation you think Parkinson will play.

A point is scored for each player that you correctly name who features in the match and an extra point for each player in the correct position meaning the maximum points that can be scored per match is 22.

I will announce the results after each game and reveal the league table once I have counted up the scores. Any entries must be submitted no later than two hours before kick-off. Any that are will not be counted in the competition.

I hope you will take the time to enter as the more people the better. Do you think you could manage Hull City? Well why not show it and enter this competition…

If you have any queries, Contact me


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