Date: 27th September 2015 at 9:56am
Written by: Tony Atkin

Steve Bruce was disappointed, well so we’re most of the crowd. That’s 4 points we’ve dropped at home in a week and it’s just not good enough.

We began hesitantly and Davies got himself booked after only 5 mins with a stupid pull back. It could have been worse, he dithered over a pass back, was robbed and City were lucky not to concede.

As the first half wore in we grew into the game but there was no fluency and too many negative passes. The referee didn’t help matters when he booked players for innocuous challenges but soon after ignored similar challenges.

Elmo seems to be gradually regaining his confidence and his form but it seems to be a slow process. He provided the cross which led to our goal, albeit somewhat lucky to find it’s way through to Hernandez. Again I take my hat off to the guy, his non stop work rate is a welcome plus. Yet again we fall for a sucker punch ,who was it again the ace goal poacher Rhodes left virtually unmarked in our penalty area in the last minute and robbing us of 3 points.

I’m sorry Steve for saying this again but our attack is just too lightweight. You can come up with as many permutations as you like from Hernandez, Akpom and Aluko but we are always going to struggle to score against big centre backs, off which there are many in the Championship. Diamande is it seems still some way from a debut and therefore might I suggest an interim measure. Put Maguire up front alongside Hernandez, at least he may score a few from knock downs!

Davies appears to be struggling again and a couple of games rest may help him. Steve Bruce says he still doesn’t know his best side, well we need to sort that out and quickly. 2 points from 2 games is not good enough and although we retained 4th position it is only on goal difference. Furthermore looking at the table it is only 3 points to halfway down the table. So come on give Maguire a chance, remember what happened when we converted Peter Swan from centre half to centre forward!

Tony Atkin 27.09.15

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