Date: 11th January 2006 at 1:01pm
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Here are the notes from the FLC meeting in january.

Season Tickets

These will be close to the prices for 2005/06 season – Child prices will be frozen for next season.

There will be incentives for people who purchase before the end of the current season.

Direct debit will be in place for Season tickets.

Matchday prices will not be changing.


Leeds Beam Back

Worked well and much better than most other efforts. Kiosks ran out again so stock levels are being looked in to.



People are still unhappy personal details can be seen from the envelopes that are posted out when ordering tickets through the post.


Argyle Street Walkway was an area concerning some fans, so we may see an improvement there.

We were congratulated on our behaviour at Leeds and wished it had been given more media coverage by the Daily mail – rather than the negative stuff they usually post.



The fencing is still causing problems for some fans. It has however been viewed a succes at avoiding flashpoints after the match.

Park & Ride

Possible one for away fans on higher profile games? It is being looked into – may not be able to happen due to cost.

Walton Street

The club are working to improve the egress of the car park, but feel this will always be difficult unless the street is closed off.

This has not been granted yet.

New signs, etc… are to be put in place to show the procedure for exiting after the game.



Concerns were riased about the amount of smoke and possibility of burns in such a crowded area.


Should be improved over the next few weeks and the difference should be noticeable.


Running out of paper towels before the match has started.


Would like it to be more visible so we avoid accidents with bollards, etc…

It is bering looked into.

Club Band

To increase atmosphere…

A resounding NO was announced by the committee.


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