Date: 26th May 2009 at 11:45am
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Hull City have had to pay Wigan Athletic an additional £400,000 following Premier League survival.

Kevin Kilbane moved from Wigan Athletic to Hull City during the January transfer window and as part of the deal, Hull must now pay Wigan an additional £400,000 following their final day survival.

Kilbane signed a two and a half year deal with Hull on 15th January 2009 for an undisclosed fee believed to be in the region of £500,000.

Kilbane’s experience helped Hull during the latter stages of the season with the Republic of Ireland international also filling in as an emergency centre-back during the two final games of the season.

The appearances against Bolton and Manchester United were his finest since moving to the KC Stadium. The versatile veteran has already shown he can play in numerous positions having featured in the centre of midfield, the left wing and as a left-back since his January move.

So far, survival has cost the Tigers an additional £900,000 following the news that The Tigers paid Plymouth Argyle an additional £500,000 as part of Peter Halmosi’s summer transfer.


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  • Kilbane for £900k looks like a good deal, despite a less than confident start. Still, with Halmosi payment, this and the bonus, we are £3M out of pocket already. We will need to recoup some of that by letting some players go before we start building for next season.

  • From the Arsenal site by Tim Stillman (Little Dutch)…….

    However, as valiant as the efforts of all of the aforementioned have been this season. One man outstrips them all consummately. In fact, you could even say, he tanned their behinds. Step forward Mr. Philip Brown. From his vituperative lies, to his astounding gall in questioning the Arsenal captain`s dress sense, Brown has set new standards in wazzockry. (It`s a word). He gracefully accepted his award by strutting onto the KC Stadium pitch without an ounce of humility and leading his Humberside choir into a chorus of “this is the best trip I`ve ever been on.” Disconcertingly apt phraseology there Mr. Brown. Any resident of Humberside that thinks he can con people into thinking that`s a genuine year round tan probably spent his youth dropping some serious loony dust whilst listening to those worn out old Jefferson Airplane LPs on the portable dansette. That possibly explains his sudden daylight hallucinations of Arsenal captain`s spitting at his raving buddies. Maybe lysergic activities are to blame for his apparent loss of short term memory when he denied making the statement “that shows what this club (Arsenal) is all about”, despite the fact that he offered said words to a fricking television camera. Perhaps that`s why he forgot that Arsene Wenger did in fact shake his hand after both league encounters with Hull this season; contrarily to Brown`s increasingly deranged claims. Maybe the whacky tabs explain his paranoid assertion that the ensuing criticism he received in the wake of the Arsenal cup game were a result of “little Hull upsetting the apple cart.” Yes, that would be little Hull who, back in the autumn when sat in third place, were receiving every plaudit going. But yes Philip, you really started upsetting the apple cart when you went on that big boy busting run of 1 win in 17 games and 1 win in the calendar year 2009. Yes, that really ruffled some feathers in the Premiership hegemony didn`t it? These boots were made for quaking and that`s just what they`ll do in awe of mighty Hull and their stately progress. Perhaps that`s why he could not spot the hypocrisy in strutting onto the pitch, sans his playing staff, after a game he didn`t play in, which his team had lost to Manchester United`s ball boys, when Fabregas` entry onto the Emirates pitch was apparently offended his sensibilities so greatly. And one more thing Browny, that headset. Who the ***** are you talking to on that thing? All of your coaching staff sit on the bench with you, they`re all within spitting distance (couldn`t resist). After his post match karaoke effort (why were you singing in an American accent?) Brown, as ever, was quick to appraise his own performance. “I`ve never done that before, except maybe in church. But this is my church.” In which case, all I can say for Hull City and their supporters is, God help you. The Allardyce apparatchik has done the unthinkable and outstripped his mentor in the true stakes of being a bellend. If Brown was a dog, he would not need to be spayed as he would likely lick his own balls clean off. Mr. Brown, you have well and truly earned the prize of bellend of the season. I am sure the readers of this site and Arsenal fans everywhere will join me in elucidating just how richly you deserve your award when you visit the Emirates next season.LD.

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