Date: 31st December 2006 at 1:49pm
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We asked Vital Wednesday editor Nick what his views were on tomorrow’s Yorkshire derby.

1. Just what is going on with Wednesday at the moment. You can’t stop winning.

Ever since Sturrock left things have been going up and up. Sean McAuley turned things around for us and then Laws continued that when he came in. I thought it may have been luck at first but we’re now playing some of the best football I’ve ever seen as a Wednesday fan! To be fair to Sturrock, I think we had the team in place anyway, it was just a matter of time before everyone got fit and it clicked.

2. What have you made to the arrival of Brian Laws?

I was one of his doubters when he first came to the club but you can’t fault him for the job he’s doing. He didn’t make too many changes when he came and took the reigns from caretaker boss Sean McAuley, so credit to him for that. He’s made the odd change here and there and it’s paying dividends at the moment. Also seems to have a good eye in the transfer market so we’ll see what January brings for us!

3. Were you sad to see Sturrock leave the club?

Yes. He won us the first bit of silverware I’ve seen, albeit the play-off trophy. But it was a top day out, and he turned us round from relegation candidates to play-off winners in the space of months. The way in which he left really got to people. 99.9% of the fans felt he was treated very harshly by chairman Dave Allen and it was a great shame to see the man leave the way he did. The football under him wasn’t great, and it has certainly improved since, but it was a sad day for all wednesdayites.

4. Are you dreaming of promotion then?

Hmm, that’s a tough one. I’m sure we can finish in the top six this season, some might even say the top two! We’re playing brilliantly and have shown that we are capable of beating anyone in this division. The 3-0 defeat by Birmingham was nothing short of a travesty but it shows we’re lacking a bit of class upfront. But we’re Wednesday, nothing ever goes to plan so I’m not holding my breathe!

5. Are you suprised by our league position and how we’ve done this season?

In a word, yes. I didn’t expect you to pull up any trees but I though Parkinson would be a good bet for you after Taylor left, obviously proved to be wrong. A lot will depend on who you bring in as manager and what players he brings with him if you want to stay up. Rather you than L**ds though!

6. Who are your danger men?

I’m glad to say we have a few now! Chris Brunt is the obvious one, he’s come on leaps and bounds recently and is being looked at by a number of top clubs if the reports are to be believed. Kenny Lunt has also been an inspiration recently, spraying the ball all over the park. And Marcus Tudgay is our danger man in attack, as well as Mark Crossley from corners’

7. Do Wednesday have any weaknesses at the moment?

Yes, a pretty glaring one too! Young Tommy Spurr at left-back. He’s a good prospect for the future, and is a centre-back by trade, but he’s being found out quite a bit at left-back. Put a pacey winger against him and they’ll probably rip him to shreds.

8. Similar to your question, if you could take a Hull City player to Sheffield Wednesday, who would it be and why?

That’s a tough one at the moment! Is your left-back any good? If not, Parkin looked very handy against us at the KC so I’d take him, but I’ve not noticed his name down on the score sheet recently so maybe that was just the one outstanding game he had?!

9. Can we have a score prediction please.

Have to go for a Wednesday, although it won’t be easy with your boys maybe playing for a new manager, and it IS a bit of a derby after all. I’ll go for 2-0 to us, Tudgay and Burton. Good luck for the rest of the season!

Thanks to Vital Wednesday administrator Nick for his help.

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