Date: 19th December 2005 at 10:14am
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Here are the notes from the December meeting of the Hull City Fans Liasion Committee


The club and police have regular contacts about issues that the club aren’t happy with. Hull are fully behind the implementation of a Nation taskforce to set down criteria for policing Category A, B or C games – thus allowing every force to have the same standard at each and every ground.

However, at the moment, each police force has the right to do as they see fit, and there are drastic changes from ground to ground.

To acheive this, over 70% of the Chairmans must agree to the notion. This is currently only at 50%, but is getting higher. Some clubs appear to have no trouble with the police currently and aren;t looking to change, hence the low percentage.

Caridff City supporters have not helped our cause and have given the police a ‘reason’ to wear riot gear, etc… and be prepared at all times.

Sheffield Wednesday supporters were in general vey good but the police were aware of a group of around 150 who would have been looking for trouble. These people travelled by train to the match and because of the train timings home to Sheffield after the game it was decided that rather than have them roaming Hull for a couple of hours, the police would escort them immediately from the ground to the train station. These are the supporters who people saw being let threw the fence and onto the walkway. There was a big police presence with them at all times to the station and they were put back on a train immediately after the game.

Supporters ID / Numbers

It is going to be emphasised how important your ID number is. In the future (like Leeds was) all ticket away games may have to be prioritised on an amount of loyalty points, or the amount of games they have attended, etc…

Supporters who buy away tickets are strongly advised to do so by using their personal ID number. This ID Number is to be sent to all season ticket holders as soon as practical but each supporter already have a personal reference which can be found with the aid of their season ticket pass or by contacting the ticket office.

Fans who buy multiple tickets for friends, etc… are advised to bring their ID number to so that points are credited to the correct accounts.

Away Direct members will automatically collect loyalty points as there records are already on the system.

Ticket Pricing 2006 / 07

The club made a superb judgement in pricing tickets for this season. Although it was agreed a nominal increase in price will occur due to inflation, it is thought this is the way ahead. It is requested people put their views forward for a future meeting.


There were complaints of the ladies having no mirrors. gents have no hot water and paper towels run out before kick-off.

Mirrors will be put in place. Warm water should not be a problem to solve, nor should a lack of paper towels.

New Shirt 2006 / 07

The vote has shown a striped shirt is what the fans want. A couple of artists impressions were shown but is in its early stages yet. The ‘buy back’ scheme is something that will be in operation.

Hot Drinks

It is noted that some do not have lids on them and a cardboard holder may be useful due to heat. These were both noted and passed on to the catering company.

Leeds Utnied Beamback

In the stadium and not the Vulcan Arena due to the expected large demand to see the game. Programmes will be available to buy and the Sports Bar will also be open.

Special Match

The KC is set to hold a match between a football league select team and a Counterpart from Italy (Serie B) to be held on February 21st 2006.


There have been no offers made or even enquiries into the price or availability of goalkeeper Boaz Myhill.

The Geoff Horsfield rumours aren’t true and there was never any thought of this move.


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