Date: 30th August 2006 at 9:55am
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Vital Hull has had another succesful three months

Vital Hull has again featured in the top three performing sites in the Championship for the second time in its history.

Along with Plymouth Argyle and Sheffield Wednesday, Vital Hull has found itself being one of the top performing sites in the Championship. It is the second time that Vital Hull has featured in the top three and it is down to the continued support of our readers.

The Vital Hull editors would like to say thank you to the ever growing number of posters and voters who regularly check and read Vital Hull for all the latest City news.

The last few months have also seen the forums take off and the three main forums are now busy with regular postings made throughout the day providing a range of views on all things Hull City.

If you aren’t a member of the Vital network yet, it only takes a minute to sign up. Why not become part of the fastest growing network around and your views can soon be seen on Vital Hull and across the network. To register, click here

The Vital Hull website is always up to date with the latest news on anything Hull City, whether it be from the latest transfer news to the reserve fixture played last night. We’ve grown steadily over the past nine months but last month saw almost double the number of hits seen in previous months – the month of August has also been successful.

We’re slowly building something great here at Vital Hull but it’s all been thanks to the posters and readers who take the time to visit here and post their views.

Thank you.


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